Bajillions is a snappy party game that’s all about guessing which number is bigger, then going with the crowd or going against it. Which is bigger—the total number of Lego bricks produced in human history or the number of stones in the first pyramid of Giza? Know which is the bigger number? Then bet on it! Think one is much bigger? Then bet more to earn more points. Be careful though—get the bet wrong and you'll win nothing! This great party game makes a clever hostess or birthday gift for everyone to enjoy.

  • Bajillions by Ginger Fox is a snappy party game of giant numbers.
  • Includes game board, tokens, game cards and rules.
  • 2+ players.
  • Ages 12+.
  • Game box: 9.8" W x 5.3" H x 2.4" D
Price: $24.95