Healing Stones

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Keep these healing stones with you to balance & revitalize your energy. Our travel-sized Healing Stones Kit will restore balance and revitalize your energy, with the stones unique metaphysical healing properties!

Includes 12 stones with mystical properties and a drawstring bag for storing.   All presented in cool gift box with a magnetic closure, and a handy cheat sheet on the inside and back!

  • Amethyst - Promotes peace and removes negative energy.
  • Aventurine - Good luck and money. Gets rid of sad emotions.
  • Sodalite - Good for creativity and deep thinking.
  • Agate - Increases Energy and relieves fatigue.
  • Crystal Quartz - Good for meditation and diseases.
  • Rose Quartz - Brings love and confidence.
  • Tiger Eye - Good for traveling, brings energy.
  • Obsidian - Provides protection and balance, good fortune and prosperity.
  • Orange Calcite - Balances emotions, removes fear.
  • Unakite - Promotes self-awareness and self-love.
  • Dalmatian Jasper - Encourages family loyalties unity and strength.
  • Hematite - Promotes courage, and strength.

12 genuine stones. Box measures approximately 4.5 inches wide x 5.25 inches tall x 1.25 inches deep.  Our healing stones love a full moon bath!

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