IN-PERSON: Melissa Shapiro & Piglet

Do you have a Piglet Mindset?

Come meet Piglet, the deaf blind pink puppy! Learn about how Piglet faces his challenges with a positive attitude, and how he is accepted and included by his pack of 6 rescued dogs, who are called Piglet's Inclusion Pack! Through an interactive presentation, elementary school-aged children will participate in activities that will help them understand what it's like to be Piglet, how he learned to communicate through tap signals, how he maps his environment, and how he interacts with his human and dog family. Following the presentation there will be an audience Q & A, then Melissa will sign copies of PIGLET. If you have questions about disability accommodations, please contact Kym Havens at

Here are more details about the event:

  • All books purchased at the event will come with a book plate with Piglet’s paw print. If you would like to get your book personalized by Melissa, she will be more than happy to sign and personalize copies. All books will come with Piglet’s paw print.
  • You can take photos of Piglet while he does his presentation, and during the book signing. Posed photos, or touching Piglet, is not allowed. We need to be very respectful of Piglet, and maintain social distancing.
  • Piglet and his pack members are the only dogs allowed at the event, with the exception of service dogs.
  • All attendees will be required to wear masks at all times, no exceptions.

If you would like a signed and/or personalized copy of PIGLET, and cannot attend the event, please place your order below and note in the comments section of your order that you'd like an autographed copy and the name you'd like inscribed. 

In the tradition of the beloved New York Times bestsellers Marley and Me and Oogy: The Dog Only a Family Could Love, a charming, inspirational memoir about empathy, resilience, kindness, and an adorable deaf blind pink dog.

When Connecticut veterinarian Melissa Shapiro gets a call about a tiny deaf blind puppy rescued from a hoarding situation in need of fostering, she doesn’t hesitate to say, “yes.” Little does she know how that decision will transform her, her family, and legions of admirers destined to embrace the saga of the indomitable pink pup.

One of the most anxious dogs Melissa had ever encountered, the traumatized Piglet weighed under two pounds upon his welcome into the Shapiro household—which included Melissa’s husband Warren and their three college-aged kids, plus six other rescued dogs. After weeks of reassurance, and lots of love, Piglet connected, gained confidence, and his extraordinary spirit emerged. Melissa soon forged a powerful bond with Piglet, allowing the two to communicate without sound or visual cues.

Two months later, when the day arrived to say good-bye to the now dashing, six-pound pink boy dog with the larger than life spirit, Melissa faced a heart-wrenching decision. Could she hand him over to someone willing to give Piglet the full-time attention he required or could she adapt her schedule and her household to make a permanent place for him in her life and work? Of course, the answer was simple: love would find a way.

Curious, engaged, and incredibly eager to learn, Piglet quickly became part of the family. What started out as a few simple Facebook posts of Piglet and his pack rapidly evolved into a global celebration of Piglet’s infectiously positive mindset. Piglet: The Unexpected Story of a Deaf, Blind, Pink Puppy and His Family fully illustrates this heartwarming story of one special little puppy with a purpose to teach the power of empathy, love, and kindness.

Melissa Shapiro, DVM, is a veterinarian, a lifelong animal welfare advocate, and mom to three children and many disabled rescued dogs and birds. Since bringing Piglet home in 2017, she has used his social media platform to educate, advocate, and inspire others to adopt pets with special needs. Her nonprofit organization, Piglet International Inc., supports the Piglet Mindset Educational Outreach, a free downloadable educational program that teaches growth mindset, acceptance, inclusion, empathy, and kindness to students and others in the community, as well as various animal rights causes. She lives in Connecticut with her husband Warren, six rescued dogs, three rescued birds, and Piglet, the deaf blind pink puppy. 


Saturday, October 23, 2021 - 6:00pm
Event address: 
111 South Street
Plainville, MA 02762
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ISBN: 9781982167165
Published: Atria Books - August 3rd, 2021