Catching Babies (Paperback)

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Birth, and death. Two ends of the same spectrum. And sometimes the only person standing between is a tired, overworked resident with personal problems of her own.

Welcome to the world of Catching Babies. In the halls of a busy metropolitan teaching hospital, a group of OB/GYN doctors complete their residencies and embark on ambitious careers, all while trying to hold their lives together at the seams. Jay is running from a life he's tried to leave behind, while Katie sacrifices everything she has to serve an endless parade of needy patients. Anna is out trying to save the world, while Tracy is trying to save twins dying in utero. Based on true stories from delivery rooms and labor decks, Catching Babies spins the doctors' stories into a gripping mosaic of the obsessions, the anxieties, and the heroism of doctors who have chosen to preside over life's greatest medical drama--high-risk childbirth.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780982663905
ISBN-10: 0982663900
Publisher: Fourth Chapter Books
Publication Date: March 1st, 2011
Pages: 330
Language: English

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