¡Essie! ¿Otra vez? / Again, Essie? (Storytelling Math) (Paperback)

¡Essie! ¿Otra vez? / Again, Essie? (Storytelling Math) By Jenny Lacika, Teresa Martinez (Illustrator) Cover Image

¡Essie! ¿Otra vez? / Again, Essie? (Storytelling Math) (Paperback)

By Jenny Lacika, Teresa Martinez (Illustrator)


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Celebrate diversity, math, and the power of storytelling!
¡Celebremos la diversidad, las matemáticas y el poder del cuento!

Rafael wants to protect his toys from his little sister, Essie. Gathering materials from around the house, he builds a wall tall enough and wide enough to keep her out. But will it be strong enough? And what does Essie really want? A playful exploration of physical space and geometry, featuring Chicanx (Mexican American) characters and a glossary of Spanish words.
Rafael quiere proteger sus juguetes de Essie, su hermanita. Para eso busca materiales en su casa para construir un muro que sea lo suficientemente alto y ancho como para que Essie no pase. ¿Pero ese muro será lo suficientemente fuerte? ¿Y qué quiere Essie realmente? Esta es una exploración divertida del espacio físico y de la geometría, la cual presenta personajes chicanos (mexicoamericanos) e incluye un glosario de palabras en español.

Storytelling Math celebrates children using math in their daily adventures as they play, build, and discover the world around them. Joyful stories and hands-on activities make it easy for kids and their grown-ups to explore everyday math together. Developed in collaboration with math experts at STEM education nonprofit TERC, under a grant from the Heising-Simons Foundation.
Los libros de la serie Cuentos matemáticos celebran las aventuras diarias de niños que usan las matemáticas mientras juegan, construyen y descubren el mundo que los rodea. Historias divertidas y actividades prácticas facilitan que tanto los niños como los adultos exploren juntos  las matemáticas de la vida diaria. Fue desarrollada junto a expertos en el currículum STEM, pertenecientes a TERC Inc., organización sin fines de lucro, bajo una subvención otorgada por Heising-Simons Foundation.
Jenny Lacika grew up in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where she loved finding amazing rocks, catching lizards, and reading. Later she attended MIT and worked in the energy industry in Boston. After she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and became a mother, she was drawn back to children's literature. She writes about topics she identifies with, such as STEM, disability, and Chicanx culture. This is her first book.
Jenny Lacika se crió en Santa Fe, Nuevo México, donde aprendió a trajabar junto a su hermano mayor y su hermano menor. Descubrió que las matemáticas pueden derribar muros y abrir puertas, se graduó en MIT y jamás dejó de fascinarse con los libros. En la actualidad vive en su ciudad natal con su esposo y sus dos hijos. Este es su primer libro.

When Teresa Martínez was a child, her family moved from a small town to the city. Drawing helped shy Teresa connect with the other kids at school. Now she connects with children across Mexico and around the world through the books she illustrates. behance.net/teresamtz
Cuando Teresa Martínez era una niña, su familia se mudó de un pueblo a una ciudad. Teresa era muy tímida pero sus dibujos sirvieron para que pudiera relacionarse con los niños de la escuela. Ahora, por medio de los libros que ilustra, se relaciona con niños de todo México y de muchos lugares del mundo.
Product Details ISBN: 9781623542221
ISBN-10: 1623542227
Publisher: Charlesbridge
Publication Date: October 18th, 2022
Pages: 32
Language: Spanish
Series: Storytelling Math
♦ Rafael’s little sister, Essie, is always running after him and knocking over his toys. While she naps, Rafael gets the idea to make a wall high enough so Essie can’t pass to where he and his toys are. Rafael collects numerous boxes of different sizes—cereal and puzzle boxes, shipping and Kleenex boxes, file organizers and a cooler—and gets to work. Rafael arranges and rearranges the boxes until he finally has a good-sized wall, and just in time as Essie wakes up! As she approaches, Essie easily knocks over the wall. Rafael realizes all she wants is to play with him, and soon they are working together to make a new wall. Colorful digital illustrations welcome readers into Essie and Rafael’s comfortable and loving home, while English and Spanish text narrates each step of Rafael’s careful plan. Essie’s presence is known as the text becomes larger with each crash Essie brings. A glossary and suggestions for exploring math are included.

VERDICT Featuring two Chicanx siblings, and their family in the background, this bilingual picture book provides a fun view of how math and problem-solving skills can be applied in the everyday.

School Library Journal, starred review

A young Latine boy builds a wall out of a shoe box and other items to protect his toys from his toddler sister.

Two “No Pasar” signs hang outside both entrances into the living room. In the center, Rafael pins a sheet around his toys to shield them. But it doesn’t stop his sister, Essie, who comes barreling in with a mighty “¡CRASH!” An idea strikes Rafael to build a wall “wide enough and tall enough to keep Essie out.” Picking a favorable spot in his bedroom, Rafael initiates his new plan while Essie takes a siesta. He collects a packing box, a shoe box, a puzzle box, a cooler, and more to construct his Essie-proof wall. His goal: to fit, flip, and turn each item into a makeshift barrier. Easy in theory, tough in practice. As Essie stirs and fusses out of her nap, Rafael tries to puzzle out each shape into a wall before time runs out. With a dash of humor, Lacika’s Spanish and English text—translated by Calvo—serves a low-key urgent scenario familiar to older siblings. An eclectic mix of short, punchy lines and longer, descriptive sentences chugs along at a smooth pace. Full of clean, solid linework, Martínez’s bright, colorful illustrations feature big, legible shapes distinct from one another on the page. Visual cues (including a joyful little cat) provide a sense of scale during Rafael’s wall construction. 

A playful tale to encourage spatial awareness and creativity. (author’s note, glossary, activities) (Math picture book. 3-6)

—Kirkus Reviews