The Soul of Gift Wrapping: Creative Techniques for Expressing Gratitude, Inspired by the Japanese Art of Giving (Hardcover)

The Soul of Gift Wrapping: Creative Techniques for Expressing Gratitude, Inspired by the Japanese Art of Giving By Megumi Lorna Inouye, Beth Kempton (Foreword by) Cover Image

The Soul of Gift Wrapping: Creative Techniques for Expressing Gratitude, Inspired by the Japanese Art of Giving (Hardcover)


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With a combination of inventive wrapping designs, inspiring personal essays, and step-by-step techniques, Megumi Inouye invites readers to transform the act of wrapping into a gratitude practice.

Drawing on the gift-giving traditions of her Japanese heritage, Inouye explores how the act of giving a thoughtfully wrapped gift can be a creative, caring act for both the giver and the receiver. Using recycled and repurposed materials, Inouye’s approach inspires readers to think intentionally about the presentation of every gift, whether it's a tip for an unseen hotel housekeeper, a simple gift of fresh fruit for a neighbor, or a special birthday gift for a beloved family member. Detailed step-by-step photos teach Inouye's artful approach to every aspect of wrapping—including tape-free folding, paper and fabric bows, clever message tags, and one-of-a-kind approaches for odd-shaped items—and guide readers in creating their own unique gift presentations.

Megumi Inouye is a gift wrapping and packaging artist. Known for her sustainable wrapping designs and creative innovations, she encourages repurposing, utilizing everyday things around us and using organic and recyclable items. She attributes her passion for gift wrapping to her Japanese heritage and the cultural values that underlie the meaning behind the art of giving. Her work has been featured on the Ellen DeGeneres Show and in Yahoo! Lifestyle, American Craft Magazine, and the San Francisco Chronicle. Megumi splits her time between San Francisco and Sonoma in Northern CA. You can find her online at

Product Details ISBN: 9781635865547
ISBN-10: 1635865549
Publisher: Storey Publishing, LLC
Publication Date: April 2nd, 2024
Pages: 208
Language: English
"A mindful option that takes back the commercialism in gift giving and makes it a personal experience again. These ideas will fit everyone’s budget, and the book is sure to be a joyful experience."—Library Journal

"If Marie Kondo inspired you to change the way you fold T-shirts, then artist Megumi Lorna Inouye’s guide to wrapping gifts is for you. Inouye traces her passion for this art to memories of watching her mother lovingly wrap garments in her kimono chest. In Japan, we learn, wrapping is a way to show respect, gratitude and love. With a focus on sustainability, Inouye provides step-by-step instructions for wrapping, often making use of recycled materials or natural objects: Even a broken, moss-covered branch can add beauty to a gift. The photographs here are as elegant as the text, and useful too. More than a how-to guide: This gorgeous book is a reminder that gift giving can bring the givers themselves joy."—BookPage

“I savored every page of The Soul of Gift Wrapping. In this moving and gorgeous book, Megumi Lorna Inouye shares ideas and instructions for wrapping gifts and expressing appreciation of others in more beautiful and sustainable ways. I came away feeling inspired to live more intentionally, connect more deeply with the world around me, and give more freely from my own heart.”—Karen Olson, editor in chief of American Craft

“Megumi’s book is not just about gift-wrapping. She takes us on a journey that includes learning about materials and techniques while explaining how gratifying the thoughtful enclosure of a gift can be—to both the giver and receiver.  She skillfully shares her life experiences and explains the traditional Japanese art of gift wrapping as an important way of showing gratitude. Her thoughtful choices of paper, fabric, found embellishments, and plants are innovative and demonstrate elegant simplicity.  Megumi encourages repurposing, discovery, and our unique artistic expression in how we choose to enclose our gifts to each other. After reading her book, you will look at wrapping gifts in a whole new, meaningful way.”—Aiko Cuneo, artist and educator

“Megumi Inouye’s exquisite book opens up a world of possibilities for turning what can seem like a last-minute chore, wrapping presents, into a meditative, profoundly self-expressive act of connection with those we love. There’s plenty of how-to here, but what sets The Soul of Gift Wrapping apart are the mini-essays in which Inouye reflects on how the humane values of her Japanese heritage, her love of family and friends, and her care for the earth combine to make gift-wrapping a kind of sacrament.”—Jon Spayde, Contributing Editor, American Craft