Elanor & The Song of The Bard (Hardcover)

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Elanor & The Song of The Bard (Hardcover)


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In 500 AD, in old Welsh Briton, King Arthur has died, leaving behind a devastated kingdom. Drowning in despair and disillusion, Merlin, a man in his prime, abandons Arthur's realm to fall into ruin and begs for his own death to come. But when strange magic stirs, and the relentless dreams begin, he is forced to make a fateful choice...

Across time, and in the modern age of Cardiff, Wales, twenty-three-year-old Elanor, an introverted graphic designer, struggles to make sense of her world. Her entire life, she has felt out of time and place, and her mysterious, recurring dreams about Merlin aren't helping. He wasn't real, just a dream. But when she encounters a curious old man in a bookshop, her dreams of Merlin no longer remain dreams...

Catapulted through time, Elanor discovers magic, intrigue, and even Merlin himself, converging with a dark and evil menace that threatens their lives, the Kingdom of Prydain, and the prophecy of the future to come. Will the insidious darkness Elanor uncovers leave death and devastation throughout the kingdom? Elanor must discover her true identity and the power that lies within her, if she hopes to survive. Join her in this epic historical fantasy by Angela R, Hughes, The Once and Future Chronicles, Book I: Elanor and the Song of the Bard.

Product Details ISBN: 9781736244302
ISBN-10: 1736244302
Publisher: Imagine Now Publishing
Publication Date: December 16th, 2022
Pages: 434
Language: English