The Magical Closet Mystery (Paperback)

The Magical Closet Mystery By María Pérez-Gómez, Carlos Torres (Illustrator) Cover Image

The Magical Closet Mystery (Paperback)


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After losing their father to a firefighting accident, siblings Luca, Magia, and Mateo move with their Mami from their beloved Puerto Rico to Buffalo, NY. They miss both their Papi and their homeland. When their Mami has to go on a trip, their struggle is exacerbated even further-especially for Luca.

However, as Magia and Mateo try to cheer him up, the siblings hear a mysterious song coming from their bedroom closet. Following the song, the siblings find themselves pulled into the closet and transported within moments to Puerto Rico's mystical El Yunque rainforest. They also find they've been turned into animals-a rooster, frog, and pig.

Soon after they arrive, they discover the entire island devastated by two recent back-to-back hurricanes. And as they meet the other rainforest creatures, it becomes clear that they were not transported by accident-they were brought here to help. And in order to do so, they need to get the help of The Sleeping Giant, a folk legend most don't believe exists.

With new friends, the siblings must uncover their family's secret past, discover the magic hidden inside them, and renew the hope of healing to everyone on the island.

The Magical Closet teaches kids to develop resilience while learning about the island and culture of Puerto Rico. The book also includes QR codes to two original songs so readers can sing along as they read.

Product Details ISBN: 9781957321080
ISBN-10: 1957321083
Publisher: Berry Powell Press
Publication Date: November 1st, 2022
Pages: 112
Language: English