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A sensational journey awaits! While you're home resting over February vacation, tune in to a live storytime presentation of picture book YES, I CAN SEE with the author Velvia D. Norman and illustrator Geovanni Livingston. YES, I CAN SEE is the first book of a series of five picture books that features vivid, A through Z illustrations of the five senses. YES, I CAN SEE will encourage and inspire children on their journey to literacy to identify and recognize letters, and corresponding objects in the world around them. During the event Velvia will read her book, followed by a drawing demonstration from Geovanni. Save your spot below and CLICK HERE to purchase a copy of the book.

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Yes, I Can See Book is the first one of a series of five books that features vivid, A through Z illustrations on every page of each book. The series highlights each of the five senses. Forthcoming books include Yes, I Can Taste; Yes, I Can Hear; Yes, I Can Smell; and Yes, I Can Touch. Yes, I Can See, as well as the other four books includes one of the five senses (See, Taste, Hear, Smell, and Touch.) The first book of this series is Yes, I Can See, The Second Book is Yes, I Can Taste, The Third Book is Yes, I Can Hear, The Fourth Book is Yes, I Can Smell, and The Fifth Book is Yes, I Can Touch. These five books will teach, encourage, and inspire young children on their journey to literacy to identify, and recognize letters items from A-Z and corresponding objects in the world around them, and to learn the power of using their senses to connect with their world. A truly sensational journey awaits.

Velvia D. Norman is a certified elementary school teacher, having taught grades K-8 for over 20 years. She feels most fulfilled when she is instructing, encouraging and empowering kids to be and do their best. Velvia says, "My experience in teaching has been the motivation for writing this series of books-Yes, I Can.... "I want to provide tools that empower children to recognize and, identify the world around them, and ultimately read, using letters A-Z." Her greatest role, for over 30 years, has been that of wife and mother. "I have a wonderful husband, three amazing children, and six awesome grandchildren. They have been my inspiration and support throughout this journey."

Geovanni Livingston lives in Attleboro MA. He is a U.S. Army Veteran currently working for Berea SDA Academy in Boston MA as a Spanish language teacher, art teacher, and school mental health counselor. He also works for Abelard Psychotherapy Inc. in Boston MA as a mental health clinician counselor. Geovanni earned a master’s degree in mental health counseling, and is looking forward to starting a doctoral program in Psychology in the future. In his free time he preaches and teaches the gospel, as well as assisting with feeding and servicing the homeless.   

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Wednesday, February 17, 2021 - 1:00pm
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