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Love and Ruin Cover Image
ISBN: 9781101967386
Availability: Available to Order
Published: Ballantine Books - May 1st, 2018

Martha (Marty) Gellhorn, novelist and one of the Great War correspondents of the 20th century began her career at the side of Ernest Hemingway during the Spanish Civil War. From there, they pursued, both together and separately, war stories on the many fronts of the European continent. A passionate and stormy romance ensued, four years while Ernest was still married, and then a marriage that lasted just over four years. Both being wildly independent and competitive created conflicts in their marriage. Marty left. For 60 years she reported on conflicts around the world, from Europe to the Middle East, Vietnam to Central America. Failing eyesight in the 1990’s forced her to retire and she died in 1998 at the age of 89.

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The Perfect Score Cover Image
ISBN: 9781101938256
Availability: Available to Order
Published: Delacorte Press - October 3rd, 2017

Loved this book! Sixth grade, middle school...trying to figure out who you are. The popular kid or the loner, the bully or the pleaser. New teachers, new classes and new tests everyone must pass. What happens when kids make the wrong decisions for the right reasons and what are the consequences?

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Little Fires Everywhere Cover Image
ISBN: 9780735224292
Availability: Available to Order
Published: Penguin Press - September 12th, 2017

Loved this book! Shaker Heights, Ohio is a beautiful, perfectly ordered community where everyone follows the rules and gets along...or do they? Mia and her teenage daughter rent an apartment owned by Elena Richardson and become involved with the four Richardson teenagers. Superb writing gently eases the reader into perect life of the Richardson family, with the one exception, daughter Izzy, and then exposes their thoughts, hidden secrets and vulnerabilities. A book most satisfying!

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We Are Unprepared: A Gripping Domestic Drama Cover Image
ISBN: 9780778319436
Availability: Available to Order
Published: Mira Books - August 30th, 2016

In the northern reaches of Vermont, Ash and Pia, recent transplants from New York, settle into small town life and contemplate starting a family.  A few months later, news of "The Storm" shatters all their dreams.  How do they react to news of the impending, devastating climatic event?  Fanatic prepper?  Government follower?  And then "The Storm" erupts...and the choices made before, during and after The Storm change them as individuals, their marriage, and what's important in life to each of them.

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Father's Day: A Novel Cover Image
ISBN: 9780062408945
Availability: Available to Order
Published: Harper - April 26th, 2016

Fathers and daughters share a special bond of love, sealed by memories, ordinary and extraordinary. Harvey's parents died in an automobile accident when she was just six. Her only living relative, Uncle Jason, a man with both a questionable past and living situation, reluctantly becomes her guardian. Small steps, then bigger steps...and as the years pass, Harvey and Jason grow up together, maturing and evolving. Harvey, now an adult, treats Jason to a basket of Father's Day presents, reminding them both of memories from her childhood and the love that binds them. And one final present will seal that bond forever.

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Mystic Summer Cover Image
ISBN: 9781476777696
Availability: Available to Order
Published: Atria Books - June 7th, 2016

Maggie Griffin moves home for the summer to Mystic, CT after losing her teaching job in an upscale Boston suburb.  Is it chance or fate that she keeps running into her high school sweetheart and his young daughter?  Fun, light summer read!

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Martha's Vineyard - Isle of Dreams Cover Image
By Susan Branch, Susan Branch (Illustrator)
ISBN: 9780996044028
Availability: Available to Order
Published: Spring Street Publishing - May 1st, 2016

Susan Branch's memoir on running away from a broken marriage in California to Martha's Vineyard, buying a cottage on the island and discovering herself as the author and illustrator beloved by so many.   Second in a trilogy, but each can stand alone. Lovely, just lovely!

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Fool Me Once Cover Image
ISBN: 9780525955092
Availability: Special Order - Subject to availability
Published: Dutton Books - March 22nd, 2016

In this latest mystery from Harlen Coban, special ops pilot Maya, suffers from PTSD. Her sister Claire was brutally murdered while Maya served overseas. Maya’s husband Joe is shot and killed in front of Maya. Joe’s family, the Burkett’s, are rich and powerful with family and business secret to hide. The ending... I honestly didn’t see this coming.

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Flight of Dreams Cover Image
ISBN: 9780385540025
Availability: Special Order - Subject to availability
Published: Doubleday Books - February 23rd, 2016

A relative of mine remembers watching the Hindenburg pass over Manasquan, NJ, the  passengers waving to those below staring in awe as the sixteen story flying luxury hotel floated  by.  Ten minutes later, as the airship attempted to land, an explosion, billowing flames and in 34  seconds total destruction. The exact cause of the explosion was never discovered.  Lawhon  brings to life actual passengers and crew members creating back stories and intrigue creating a  suggestion of how this tragedy unfolded. 

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A Dangerous Place: A Maisie Dobbs Novel Cover Image
ISBN: 9780062220561
Availability: Available to Order
Published: Harper Perennial - February 23rd, 2016

Personal tragedy entices Maisie Dobbs to return to sleuthing in the eleventh book of Winspear’s  series. The setting: Gibraltar, the “Rock”.  The time: 1937.  The politics:  the “Rock”, a strategic  defense point for Britain, while in Spain, the Civil War is raging and Germany is ramping up its  military.  Maisie discovers a body and the search for the murderer enables Maisie  to rediscover  her passion and gift for finding the truth. 

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The Forgetting Time Cover Image
ISBN: 9781250076427
Availability: Available to Order
Published: Flatiron Books - February 2nd, 2016

A four year old boy with terrifying nightmares that he is drowning, the ability score baseball  games and identify lizards at an exhibit...and keeps asking his single mother when he can see  his other mother, when he can go home.  A doctor exploring memories, memories from another  life.  What if memories somehow survive death?  An engaging, thought provoking read! 

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Traitor Angels Cover Image
ISBN: 9780062278876
Availability: Available to Order
Published: Balzer + Bray - May 3rd, 2016

England during the reign of Charles II and poet John Milton has been in and out of favor. Tutored by her father in languages, history and sword fighting, young Elizabeth Milton carefully transcribes her blind father's words as he dictates his most ambitious work, Paradise Lost. But, John Milton is taken to the Tower of London, his manuscript destroyed and as Elizabeth rewrites the pages, she follows the clues hidden in the poetry to discover secrets that just might destroy those in power. A bit of Dan Brown set in the 1660's.

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Jane and the Waterloo Map (Being a Jane Austen Mysteries #13) Cover Image
ISBN: 9781616954253
Availability: Available to Order
Published: Soho Crime - February 2nd, 2016

Austen fans will delight in the latest Jane turned sleuth mystery set in Regency London.  Jane  stumbles upon a dying man in the Regent’s library whose last words are “Waterloo Map”.  A  merry chase ensues as Jane, with help from artist friend Raphael West and her niece Fanny,  sidestep murder, kidnapping and intrigue to find the truth behind the map. 

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The Curious Charms of Arthur Pepper Cover Image
ISBN: 9780778319337
Availability: Available to Order
Published: Mira Books - May 3rd, 2016

Arthur Pepper, 6, homebody, creature of habit, widower, finds a beautiful charm bracelet  hidden among his deceased wife Miriam’s clothes.  Arthur journeys to ondon, Paris, India and  discovers each charm holds a special memory for his wife, an adventurous life Arthur knew  nothing about.  And along the way, he learns about himself, family, love and taking chances to  live life fully. 

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The Pharaoh's Secret Cover Image
ISBN: 9780399174117
Availability: Special Order - Subject to availability
Published: G.P. Putnam's Sons - November 17th, 2015

A shocking plan to resurrect the glory days of Egypt’s pharaohs through the manipulation of  the  Sub-Saharan water supply and threats of biological warfare using a plant extract called Black  Mist. This Kurt Austin and Joe Zavala NUMA (National Underwater Marine Agency) adventure  begins in classic Cussler fashion...delving into the ancient mystery surrounding Osiris, Egyptian  God of the Underworld.

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The Silver Palate Cookbook Cover Image
ISBN: 9780761145974
Availability: Available to Order
Published: Workman Publishing - April 20th, 2007

Originally purchased in the 1990’s, my copy is now a bit tattered and splattered.  Delicious  recipes with a flair to gourmet...simple, readily available ingredients.  Try the Chicken Marabella,  Ginger Candies Carrots, Glazed Lemon Cake!

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The Nightingale Cover Image
ISBN: 9780312577223
Availability: Available to Order
Published: St. Martin's Press - February 3rd, 2015

A novel about women and friendship and families, set in France during the WII...a story that  resonates long after you finish!  Two sisters learning to live, love and fight back with courage  and conviction during the years of Nazi Occupation.  While, one risks her life helping downed  British and American pilots escape over the Pyrenees, her sister hides Jewish children from the  SS.

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The Finest Hours: The True Story of the U.S. Coast Guard's Most Daring Sea Rescue Cover Image
ISBN: 9781501106835
Availability: Available to Order
Published: Scribner Book Company - December 8th, 2015

Well researched story of the rescue of the T2 tanker Pendleton crew which split in two off  Chatham, MA during a raging northeaster in 1952.  Simultaneously, 15 miles away, a second T2  tanker has also split in half.  A 36 foot motor lifeboat, carrying a 4 four men, sets out in blinding  snow to “find” the Pendleton.  Hailed as the U.S. Coast Guard’s most daring sea rescue.  Recently released as a major motion picture.

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365 Days of Cocktails: The Perfect Drink for Every Day of the Year Cover Image
ISBN: 9780062415875
Availability: Available to Order
Published: Harper Design - September 22nd, 2015

The “Perfect Drink for Every Day”.   The Alice in Wonderland celebrates Mad Hatter Day. Make a toast with an Algonquin in memory  of Dorothy Parker, or a Money Penny in honor of the publication of Ian Fleming’s first James  Bond book (don’t worry about whether it’s shaken or stirred).

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Betty Crocker Cookbook: 1500 Recipes for the Way You Cook Today Cover Image
Email or call for price.
ISBN: 9781118072240
Availability: Out of Print - Cannot be Ordered
Published: Houghton Mifflin - April 2nd, 2013

“America’s Most Trusted Cookbook”  Tucked onto Mom or Grandma’s cookbook shelf you will  probably find a well used, yellowed, definitely spattered version of this!  Reminisce with recipes  on those well loved pages.  The newest version includes old standbys and new updated  recipes. 

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Cocktails of the Movies: An Illustrated Guide to Cinematic Mixology Cover Image
ISBN: 9783791381749
Availability: Backordered
Published: Prestel Publishing - October 25th, 2015

And the Oscar goes to….  Mississippi Punch from Breakfast at Tiffany’s starring Audrey Hepburn  Mojito from Die Another Day with Pierce Brosnan  Cosmopolitan from the ladies in Sex in the City 

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Jacky Ha-Ha Cover Image
ISBN: 9780316262491
Availability: Available to Order
Published: Jimmy Patterson - March 21st, 2016

Patterson’s newest addition to his Middle School series introduces Jacky Ha-Ha-Hart, 12 years-old, 4th of seven sisters and 7th grade student with a stutter. Did I mention she’s the class clown? Trouble follows Jacky’s pranks and joking at school… and with a mom serving in the Army overseas, a dad working as a lifeguard but disappearing for hours on end… well, Jacky has more than she can handle.

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Six Years Cover Image
ISBN: 9780451414113
Availability: Available to Order
Published: Dutton Books - February 11th, 2014

Six years ago Jake's girlfriend and one true love, Natalie, suddenly marries another man and calmly asks Jake to "leave us alone."  Fast forward six years to the husband's funeral (murdered) and his wife, visibly mourning, is definitely not Natalie.  Figuring "leave us alone" no longer applies, Jake searches for Natalie, who has disappeared without a trace ...

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