Adult Beginner Ukulele IN-PERSON CLASS

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Have you always wanted to play an instrument? Join Cindy Miller, director of the Unlikely Strummers for six weeks of fun and learn the fundamentals to start your musical journey on the UKULELE. No prior musical experience is necessary.

Learn basic chords, rhythms, and strums that will enable you to play songs in no time! Bring your own SOPRANO, ALTO or TENOR/CONCERT ukulele and music stand. An electronic tuning device such as a Snark Tuner is also recommended. (Note: This program is geared towards Soprano,Alto,Tenor/Concert Ukes only because the tuning for baritone ukulele is different and therefore the chords will be different.)

This class is recommended for ages 16+ and is offered for six weeks on the dates below.


If you have any questions about this course or to obtain a recommendation on a ukulele, contact Cindy at At this time, attendees who are not fully vaccinated MUST wear a face mask during this class. Register for the six-week program below.

Cindy Miller has had a lifelong relationship with music. After many years of formal training on flute, guitar, and piano, the ukulele is her most recent instrumental adventure. She is currently one of a handful of New England ukulele instructors certified by the James Hill Ukulele Initiative in Toronto. Cindy is a member of the acclaimed Legacy Ukulele Ensemble, directed by Peter Luongo, which recently performed for the Hawai'i Ukulele Festival. Cindy has performed at the Cape Cod Ukulele Festival, the Ashokan Ukulele Festival, and for numerous community events and non-profit organizations as a performer and director of the Unlikely Strummers, as well as coffeehouses, open mic nights, and community events around New England. Cindy co-founded The Unlikely Strummers in the spring of 2017. She looks forward to spreading "ukulele love"!
Event date: 
Tuesday, September 21, 2021 - 7:00pm
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